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Set-Top Box with built in optical projector for display of data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125176D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-23
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A complete home infrastructure for digital television requires many components and devices. The purpose of the present invention is to reduce the number of these components while maintaining the functionality of the home infrastructure for digital television.

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Set-Top Box with built in optical projector for display of data

Interactive Television (ITV) is a television with interactive content. Interactive Television provides richer entertainment, interaction and more information about programs. In a sense, Interactive Television combines Traditional TV and the interactivity of communication networks, such as the Internet. The programs can include richer graphics, links to Web sites, electronic communications with others and on-line commerce through a back channel (T-commerce ).

Figure 1 shows a home infrastructure as available today:

As shown in Figure 1, the set-top box (STB) acts as a gateway (GW) between the television ( PC-TV) and the device Residential Gateway that provides the incoming signal (telephone, satellite, cable network). In the context of interactive television (ITV), the set-top box (STB) : - receives encoded and/or compressed digital signals from the signal source, and - decodes (and/or decompresses) those digital signals, converting them into analog signals displayable on the television.

A set-top box is a specialized computer that can "talk to" the Internet. A set-top box comprises a Web browser (which is in fact a HyperText Transfer Protocol client) and the Internet's main program (TCP/IP stack). The set-top box can be used to have access to Web applications and TV channels over IP via a telephone line or to have access to the TV via the cable, or etc

Figure 2 shows a home infrastructure according t...