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Thermal management in LCD backlighting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125178D
Publication Date: 2005-May-23
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Thermal management in LCD backlighting

In LCD Backlighting systems thermal management is crucial for the lifetime and the operating performance of the system.

The thermal load generated by the inverter is adding heat to the area on the LCD panel where the temperatures are already near the limits for good performance and lifetime influences.

Thermal hot spots are known at several SMD-components so the heat-load; in normal board mounting (solder side facing to the backlight-box) is allocated very close to this backlight-box.

This heat is locked in this small area with an air gap of approximately 3mm.

The essential features are:

1) Increasing the distance between the hottest inverter area's and the "backlight-box", by reverse mounting of the inverter (solder side of the inverter is now facing away from the "backlight-box") so it is expected that better flow will help to cool.
2) The solder side of the inverter is now free for heat removal by means of radiation, conduction and convection.

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Reverse mounted board:

Inverter board


Increased gap between inverter board and Backlight-box

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