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Shunt tube connection with internal restriction Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125315D
Publication Date: 2005-May-26
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The Alternate Path technology makes use of shunt tubes attached to the sand control screens to by pass any obstruction that can be formed or introduced in the wellbore. These screens are threaded together and the shunts tubes in each individual screen joint is connected to the shunt tubes in other screen joints via jumper tubes. Jumper tubes are dimensionally similar to the shunt tubes attached to the screens, with a shorter length only. Hydraulic isolation is provided by connectors. The proposal consists of jumper tubes with customized internal dimensions aiming to choke the internal flow. This choked internal dimension will force the fluid to flow in another shunt tube or to exit that shunt tube through the nozzles attached to it.

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When completing multi zone wells (referred here as MZ wells) with mechanical isolation between different perforated intervals using the shunt technology and MZ packers, it is possible to pump the gravel pack (or frac and Pack) treatment for all the isolated perforated intervals in one single pumping operation.

For the optimum performance of the treatment delivered to each perforated interval, a specific flow rate should be available to each interval. This flow rate is determined by simulation.

This patent memo describes an invention that can restrict the fluid pathway through the shunt tubes to one zone allowing a higher flow rate to go to another of the zones to be completed matching the optimum flow rate that should be available to each individual zone as determined by computer simulations.


This invention is to be used in conjunction with alternate path screens and MZ packers. It aims to allow for a better, more balanced distribution of the flow rate and volume of proppant slurry that is delivered to each perforated interval.

The idea of MZ completions has been applied to several wells during the last 8 years. Over 100 wells were completed with similar procedures and hardware. Many presentations were prepared and presented to actual or potential costumers. Among the slides generally included to this presentations there is:


The Alternate Path technology makes use of shunt tubes attached to the sand control screens to by pass any obstruction that...