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Table Integrated Range Selection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125340D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-27
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The invention integrates powerful range selection filtering directly integrated within a table control. By doing this, much more room is made available to display the results in the table, there is less user mapping and checking between range selector and corresponding column in the table below, and it also provides a sleeker UI.

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Table Integrated Range Selection

Web sites, such as, are starting to take Spotfire's powerful range selector technology (circa late 1990's) into the mainstream. They tightly couple filtering

settings with a corresponding display. What they do not do is integrate the range controls within the results table, which leads to a UI panel being roughly twice the size because of the necessary separate section for the range selectors. Other disadvantages include labels being repeated twice (once per range selector, and once per corresponding column header) which leads to space and complexity issues, there is some level discontinuity between the two areas (fairly close by, but could be closer), etc .

To show the general benefit of range selectors, here's an example of how this invention could work to help the IBM xSeries web purchase experience. Figure 1 shows the current faceted finder for an xSeries purchase. It has some limitations, such as the results are in a list format that's hard for users to scan, and the facet filters are hard to control and tweak. This is the current art today per


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Figure 1 - Prior art - no range selectors

Figure 2 below shows standard way range selectors could be added to same example from above.

Figure 2 - Prior art - range selectors, but not integrated within the results table

Figure 3 below shows how the range selectors could be integrated within the table, thus making the user experience less disjointed and enabling more room to be available to see the results (e.g., not shown, but roughly twice the number of table rows could be displayed).


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Figure 3 - Range Selectors Integrated within the Results Table

Figure 4 below shows the range selection control "bar" toggled off. Perhaps the user is done with them, or doesn't want to busy the screen with them, so he clicked the button in the upper right of table to toggle off the range selectors from the table's header area. The user could also conveniently click the toggle butt...