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Shared System Status Display/Control Unit for Rackmounted Devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125344D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-27
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Server/storage devices wirelessly communicate system status information and lightpath to an external display/control unit that is shared with other rack mounted devices.

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Shared System Status Display /Control Unit for Rackmounted Devices

Main Idea

Disclosed is a shared system status display/control unit for rackmounted devices.

Background: IT equipment is typically comprised of many individual rack-mounted server and storage devices. These devices require constant monitoring for status changes such as general system health or a specific failed part. This need is addressed today by building status indicators and displays into each individual HW device.

Problem A: Space on the front bezel of rack-mounted devices is becoming more and more limited. Product needs, such as increasing HW density, increasing airflow, providing front access media and ports, and designing for front access CRUs, often leaves little front bezel room to sufficiently package these vital status indicators/display. (Figure 1- typical 1U server with little free space on front bezel)

Figure 1

One current solution is a pull-out operator panel that can be built into rack-mounted devices where there is not sufficient front bezel space. However, drawbacks to this solution include increased mechanical complexity, cost and requiring the user to manually open the tray to see the information being displayed. (Figure 2 of a pull-out operator panel)

Figure 2

Problem B: When several storage/server devices are combined in a rack, the visual


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complexity increases making it more difficult for the user to find and read individual HW status indicators. (Figure 3 of many devices with many status indicators)

Figure 3

Summary: Each storage/server unit provides system status information through an external display/control unit that is shared with other rack mounted devices. The external display/control unit communicates wirelessly with all devices in a rack to display the lightpath and system status indicators for each device. This external unit could also be rack or rack door-mounted and then removed and used as a portable handheld informa...