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Browser with smart link navigator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125378D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-31
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A smart browser which allow users to move across links by the arrows keys.

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Browser with smart link navigator

Use of mouse in Web browsers is very annoying. Many users prefer to use the keyboard to navigate across links. The traditional available browsers allow to move across links with the tab key, but the order of links is determined by the HTML page; this is generally very little intuitive for users and many times to reach the desidered link, it is necessary to press the tab key many times.

    A browser which allows a user to move across links by the arrows keys (by holding another key, ctrl, for example) will simplify very much the navigation, because the user can quickly reach the desired link whithout moving across the preceeding links, determined by the HTML page.

    When the user wants to select a link in a page, he holds a special key (ctrl key, for example) and presses the arrow relative to the direction on which the link is, with respect to the current position of the cursor.

    The browser intercepts the key pression and moves the cursor on the corresponding direction until the nearest link is reached. When the link is reached, the user can click the spacebar to select the link.

The drawing hereunder illustrates the new browser:

With a traditional browser if a user wants to select the "link a" from the actual cursor position without to use the mouse, he must press the tab key very many times.

With this new browser he can simply hold a special key (ctrl key, for example) and press the "right arrow" key, and the browser will calculate t...