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ISPF Table Boolean Filter Service Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125450D
Original Publication Date: 2005-May-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-31
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An ISPF Dialog Manager programming concept is disclosed that provides a technique that displays multiply filtered information from a table (only those rows the user may be interested in),

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ISPF Table Boolean Filter Service

The ISPF Dialog Manager TBSARG row filtering service can be manipulated into performing boolean logic on the same field by redefining the table definition to contain 2 or more unique names (aliases) for the same column. This concept avoids complex coding solutions and improves ISPF table processing performance.

The same row value could be stored in each unique alias variable thus allowing the TBSARG parameter list to be built to perform boolean filtering.

For example:

A table is defined with a key field called "UPDATED".

Under normal TBSARG GE (greater than) processing, if the user specified a filter value of 11/29/04 then the rows displayed would be from the filter value to the current date. (TBSARG syntax = TBSARG tablename (UPDATED,GE)).

The same table could be redefined to include 2 key fields called "UPDATED" (from-date) and "UPDATED1" (to-date) with the same column value being stored in both. TBSARG could now perform a boolean filter, if a from-date and to-date were supplied by the user, so that rows between the 2 date ranges would be displayed. (TBSARG syntax = TBSARG tablename (UPDATED,GE,UPDATED1,LE)).

This process has been successfully implemented in a prototype of a new IBM tool.