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One Piece Extruded Door Frame Finisher Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125470D
Publication Date: 2005-Jun-02
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A one piece finisher is produced with the dual functions of waist finisher and frame finisher in a common extrusion.

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One Piece Extruded Door Frame Finisher

When the style of a vehicle requires a bright, decorative finisher around the edge of the door frame it is common to produce this with an aluminium extrusion. This allows the decorative finish on one face and the fixation method is added within the extruded section.

With an inset type of door frame it is common to form the edge of the door and the base of the glass channel with this part – see frame section.

When the style of a vehicle also requires a decorative finish along the belt line it is common to use an extruded finisher with an alternative fixation method because the glass needs to slide past the seal. This fixing is accommodated within a larger section depth – note that if this section depth was common around the frame this would give increased glass offsets and poor NVH performance. See waist section:

If the vehicle style requires a continuous decorative finisher around the door or around the rear quarter for coupe bodies, it is common to have different extrusion sections and a visible joint on the finisher. This is poor for quality of fit and finish and is expensive because a jointing system is required and complex assembly is needed.

Most production vehicles with this style have this type of jointed extruded finisher.

Principle of one-piece extruded finisher

The two working sections as described above are incorporated into a common extrusion. Each edge of the extrusion is machined before stretch-forming / bending operat...