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A Method for Tape Cartridge Detection and Notification Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125551D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jun-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jun-08
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Disclosed is a method for automatic detection of specific tape cartridges. This method might be used for the detection and user notification of cartridges involved in a recall.

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A Method for Tape Cartridge Detection and Notification

Scenario: A tape media manufacturer discovers a serious process problem, or negative end-user feedback that warrants a proactive media recall from the field. Examples of process defects may include; scratched back coat, excessive drop outs, abnormal media degradation, head contamination, and others. As end-point testing is reduced, the potential for process escapes increase.

Currently, there are no simple, non-intrusive methods for field identification and removal of this media. To make this identification, individual cartridges must be screened manually.

Reason: There are no visual correlations between the media manufactures process identifiers and the customer supplied cartridge labels. The media manufacturer's information is internal to the cartridge memory or silk screened on the back of each cartridge.

Current methods for isolating media include:

Manual identification through ink jet labels printed by the media manufacturer on the back of



Solution: Provide a method to automatically notify a user when this media has been detected by a drive.

Method: Provide a host driven diagnostic command that passes media manufacture supplied batch identification data to an available location in the non volatile Tape drive Vital Product Description (VPD) buffer. The information may include manufacturer identification, date of manufacturer or specific lot details.

Each time a tape cartridge is loaded into a tape dr...