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Inter-Wafer Catalyzed Support for ITM Syngas Modules Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125696D
Publication Date: 2005-Jun-13
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Inter-Wafer Catalyzed Support for ITM Syngas Modules

Synthesis gas, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, can be produced by oxidatively-reforming a hydrocarbon-containing stream which passes on one side of a non-porous, mixed conducting ceramic membrane, with oxygen from a hot, oxygen-containing gas, preferably air, which passes on the other side of the ceramic membrane.  These membranes, known in the art generically as ion transport membranes (ITM’s), utilize an oxygen chemical potential gradient across the membrane to cause oxygen ions to migrate through the membrane.

Membranes can be fabricated as tubes or flat plates that are arranged in modules for efficient contact with the hot air and hydrocarbon-containing streams. Synthesis gas and nitrogen-enriched non-permeate products are withdrawn from the modules.  A comprehensive review of ion transport membranes is given by M. Stoukides in Catalysis Reviews - Science and Engineering, 42(1&2), 2000.

In the ITM Syngas process, catalysts may be necessary to control gas and membrane temperatures.  Instead of using inter-module catalyst beds (i.e., catalyst beds between membrane modules in series or parallel) or the direct deposition of metal catalyst on the ITM Syngas membranes, catalyzed supports are placed between wafers of an ITM Syngas module to control these temperatures.

The ITM Syngas process must control gas and membrane temperatures by balancing exothermic oxidation reactions with endothermic reforming.  Catalysts may be necessary to activate the reactions to control these temperatures.  An alternative to inter-module catalyst beds or direct catalyst deposition on ITM Syngas membranes is inter-wafer catalyzed supports.  These supports, possibly either metal or ceramic, are placed between the wafers of an ITM Syngas module.  The metal may be in the form of a wire me...