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Method for handling multiple subjects in a single interactive chat session

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125723D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jun-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jun-14
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Interactive chat tools such as SametimeConnect provide a way of exchanging messages in real time. There is no interlock between message and answer in these systems so often one participant will go onto a new subject while the other participant(s) are still commenting on the previous subject. This can be confusing. This disclosure describes a method for identifying messages so that multiple subjects can be discussed concurrently, without losing the relationship of each message to its subject.

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Method for handling multiple subjects in a single interactive chat session

A method is disclosed that allows different subjects within a single interactive messaging session to be clearly identified, thereby making it easier to follow the individual threads of conversation. A typical interactive messaging session might look like

tommy hi Dave dave hi tommy do you know if you plan to run expt A tonight? dave Martin and I plan to be in the lab in about 30 mins dave I will start some more hosts on the config and let it run tommy ok - what about the conference call with Acme computing dave unless you want to try Mark's suggestion for the PCI bus reset fix dave same conf call number as yesterday dave if that fails I have one of my one own.... dave Ill be interested to hear what the fix was and if it could fix Stuart's B77 problem... dave because that meant we did now about this in early Dec but just failed to understand what it really meant.. dave also, is this a problem in previous code levels that has just become more exposed.. tommy yes - that last one is key dave just reading the Electric Utility vehicle EVT test plan dave and it sounds like on monday we should try and go through all the problems in your summary note and see what's been addressed tommy did you try and recreate the TR storm at all? dave but it is an Electric motor traction test plan, not a test plan for the whole Electric Utility vehicle including the new engine tommy my suspicion is we could be a long time trying to get to the bottom of that dave which were we expecting? tommy it's an motor traction test plan dave. no sorry, left the test stand dowing automated zone changes all day with one AIX host doing i/o dave so we also need a Electric Utility vehicle EVT test plan too? tommy I did point out when we did the review that we needed a whole pile of extra tests to validate the motor performance dave while it is good that you are pointing that out tommy but i'm not sure anyone has thought about this still dave we should be doing that pointing out in test... tommy yes. On the other once and ex-test manager always an ex-test manager dave do we think we can let Martin go tomorrow? dave he is booked for a Monday eve flight I thnk... tommy I'm not certain about the overlap between the motor traction tests and the vehicle tests that Phil thinks he needs to do - i think the proposal is to do a pile of stress test runs tommy so there might be a gap in the middle dave re motor test yes..could be tommy I think we should let Martin go if he's at all anxious to tommy another question to ask is dave. interesting, it would be good if SameTime allowed you to mark up concurrent threaded discussions.....
dave could that be a novel idea? (and thread number 3 at least?) tommy is the build we've got a GA candidate or does it need all the extra debug stripped out first dave don't think the debug does anything unless it is turned on dave they have dozens of flags for turning on different...