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The playing sequence of a collection of Music carriers

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125752D
Publication Date: 2005-Jun-16
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"The playing sequence of a collection of music carriers"

Present idea is related to a new method of using playlists for music pieces.

Prior art: CD- and MP3-players as well as computers provide playlists which indicate the sequence of playback data (music, video) to be played. Normally this playlist is part of the player and not of changeable data carriers (e.g. a playlist it is not stored on a CD).

Novelty: Data carrier (e.g. CD, solid state memory), in particular a contactless data carrier (e.g. RFID tag), storing playback data and - information about a sequence of playback data (music, video) to be played and/or - information if said playback data is to be played before or after playback data of another data carrier.

Advantages / Improvements:

Improved playlist functionality

Application / Use:


RFID tags containing music & sequence data

music player with contactless reader

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