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Sharing music with a second free give away carrier Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125753D
Publication Date: 2005-Jun-16
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"Sharing music with a second free give away carrier"

Present idea relates to electronic data carriers (e.g. memory cards as well as RFID tags)

Prior art: Normally we share electronic data by lending a original data carrier to someone or by giving a copy of said data carrier to someone. This is quite inconvenient thinking about music on CDs or MP3 memory sticks we want to share with others.

Moreover said copying leads to uncontrolled and unauthorized distribution of media content which is of course a great disadvantage for a content provider. On the other hand, if the provider generally prohibits distribution (by copy protect for example), media is not distributed at all which again is a disadvantage for the provider, who normally wants to benefit on the advertising effect when data is shared between friends.

Novelty: Arrangement of more independent electronic data carriers having a common housing, which housing comprises means for separating said data carriers.

Advantages / Improvements:

Data can be shared in a controlled and in particular very easy way.

Application / Use:

Electronic data carriers, in particular all kind of memory cards even contactless memory cards storing music or video data.

perforation (after separation)

chip (e.g. containing a single music piece of a pop group)

common housing

chip (e.g. containing a whole music album of a pop group)

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