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Instant Messenger Graduated Status Dashboard Button Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125893D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jun-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jun-20
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The proposed invention would provide complete messaging status at a glance from existing the status bar IM button.

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Instant Messenger Graduated Status Dashboard Button

Main Idea

Instant Messaging has become a standard communication tool in today's busy work environment, as well as for personal communications. As people become more dependent on this technology, demands for greater efficiency increase.

It is not uncommon to have multiple IM threads open at any one time.

However, merely looking at the IM thread button on the desktop status bar tells the user little about messaging status for minimized message windows. E.g. is the partner still live and responding or offline altogether in the meantime. In the latter case, one can waste time typing in important information, perhaps after some time-consuming look-up or research, only to discover-only at send time-that the partner has logged off. The result is wasted time and often, wasted information, which can be mitigated only by the additionally inefficient, time-wasting method pasting the IM message content into an email or an archive file. Worst case, the communication with its valuable information, must be painstakingly reconstructed for the intended recipient.

Currently, e.g. with Lotus ST, the only at-a-glance status available from the status bar button is dark color for message received.

However, these buttons offer much additional potential for efficient, at-a-glance status communication.


The proposed graduated button status would provide the IM user with complete messaging status at a glance, dashboard style, wi...