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Tracking Code Inspection data via a Configuration Management System

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125922D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jun-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jun-22
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The purpose of this invention is to facilitate and track code inspection progress through the configuration management system. We are not aware of any solutions that track code inspections at the software configuration management level. The unique aspect of this invention is to extend the configuration management system to capture reviewer and inspection status data at the version level of each element or component. This will allow for integrations for workflow tools to utilize and track this data.

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Tracking Code Inspection data via a Configuration Management System

Disclosed is a proposed process by which the addition of specific fields to the configuration management system to track code inspections with associated version control information, rather than creating a separate utility, database, or system that tracks this information. The reviewer name, timestamp, status, and comments could be optionally entered and associated with each version record of the source code files.

This would help to facilitate code inspections as well as allow management tracking of such events. Applications of their usage could be utilized through products and tools that integrate with the configuration management system.

The advantages are to have the inspection tracking information stored with the code/version information. Retrieval of this information can be used by workflow management tools. Therefore, code inspection information can be entered and tracked alongside the associated source code change-set. The association of review information along with the version information for the source code can simplify the entering of review information. It would be easy to write automation that can determine metrics such as review coverage.

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The basic idea is to extend the information that is stored and maintained with a source control check-in command. This extension could be made by the creation of a Revi...