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Method and System for Centralized Scheduled Revalidation of User Account and Accesses Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125992D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jun-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jun-27
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A centralized repository and a single method of communication/validation for all forms of user IDs and accesses while allowing increased descriptive tags for each access or ID as necessary is provided. It gives managers a more complete picture of what they are recertifying, and a more controlled view of how the recertifications work on a regular basis. Also, it provides managers with a consolidated picture on a scheduled basis of all recertifications they have pending, and provides delegation ability where appropriate.

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Method and System for Centralized Scheduled Revalidation of User Account and Accesses

In summary, the invention works by gathering distributed data (IDs, accesses) from non-homogeneous sources, executing a series of rules to translate the data into a consistent format, then controlling the distribution of the data and monitoring the results.

 Data Source

1) The recertification uses installed plugins and configurations to access and retrieve user ID and access data stored in an external system . 2) The plugin translates the data into a standard format and stores it in the recertification engine.

3) Per a schedule, the recertification engine applies rules to the data to increase its clarity and form ulates em ails which are sent to the appropriate recertifier.

Source - specific


Recertification Engine

5) The recertification engine sends reminders as needed and provide reporting capabilities for m anagem ent and audits.

4) The recertifier will exam ine the data and take an action which will then be sent back to the recertification engine.


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