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Program and Method to Pool Pre-initialized Mainframe Sessions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000125997D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jun-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jun-27
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This article describes a program and method to cache and pool pre-initialized interactive mainframe sessions.

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Program and Method to Pool Pre -initialized Mainframe Sessions

The task of logging onto a mainframe system from a web browser can be time consuming, reducing its usability. Some products that convert mainframe sessions (3270,5250) to HTML, have the ability to have a macro connect the user, but it can still take up to a minute to complete. One solution to this problem would be to automate the log-on process with the likes of a task scheduler and a playback mechanism. The problem with this type of solution is the additional time and/or expense of purchasing and configuring such a solution; and credential information could be compromised because it would likely need to be stored in clear text for the playback mechanism to use.

This idea enables programs to pre-initialize mainframe sessions by performing the log on sequence prior to their use, pool them, and release them for actual use only after a user provides correct, matching authentication. The result actually looks the same to the end user: they input their credentials and are granted access to an already logged-on session. The benefit is that they don't have to wait for the session to actually go through the full log-on sequence.

In one log-on macro, user credentials, such as the user and password, are prompted from the user, and used as input to the connect macro. The proposal is for software to remember credentials, automatically log on a user in the pool with those credentials (before it is requested by the...