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Providing Feedback During Text Selection for Automatically Excluded Regions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126000D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jun-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jun-27
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Disclosed is a method for providing user feedback during text selection for automatically excluded regions.

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Providing Feedback During Text Selection for Automatically Excluded Regions

When dealing with a WYSIWYG text document, it is possible to in-line content which should be excluded when performing certain operations, like a clipboard copy or print. Some examples of this are:

A word processor does not copy comments out of a document into the native clipboard. Currently, the way this is handled is that the user selects a region including the comments. Text selection happens as normal on all text with an invert highlight. Then the user hits the copy key sequence. Under the covers these items are not put in the clipboard. There is no feedback provided at selection time that the comment fields will be excluded, so there is ambiguity as to what will happen when the user pastes. Alternately, the user, not knowing that the content will be excluded from the copy, can go in and ctrl-deselect sub-regions of the selection, though this will be a wasted effort.

We disclose a method whereby we provide feedback during the act of selection to indicate to the user that there is content about to be or already contained within that text selection which is programmatically excluded for that operation. We are accounting for programmatically excluded text in all of the scenarios dealing with text selection marked with an X below.

Includable text Excluded text

Not yet selected normal appearance X Selected inverse background and foreground


Selected and excluded text could be easily indica...