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Tracking and user profiling using Optical discs played in optical drive Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126027D
Publication Date: 2005-Jun-29
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Tracking and user profiling using optical discs played in optical drive


    More and more consumer devices are connected to the internet. This trend will be even more accelerated with the growing demand for computer based CE devices (like the Windows media server), where all the user media content (stored on HDD or optical disc) and all external broadcast signals (TV, radio) are played back using a central computer. These devices will be connected to the Internet. This invention proposes a method to make a play list of all the titles being played with an optical discs (BD, HD-DVD, DVD or CD). By using the available databases on the internet, metadata can be retrieved and this can then be used to make a user profile. For example, it can be determined that the user likes a certain kind of movie genre, or that the user likes a certain artist. This information can be useful to the user or by a third party.

    PROBLEMS OR DISADVANTAGES OVERCOME BY THE INVENTION If a user wants to rent a movie, he can do it via the internet by downloading a title (for example, Videosystems ) or by ordering a title via the internet and get an actual disc (e.g. dvdpost ). However, the amount of available titles is enormous, and not all the movies one likes to rent might be available. This makes the searching of a title time consuming.

A second advantage is that the user profile can be used to (pre) select program offered by the Electronic Programming Guide, showing to the user other movies with the same kind of genre.

    From the supplier site the problem is different. He has many customers and every customer preference will be different. If the supplier has the possibility to use the profile made by the user himself, he can get a much more complete picture of this user. From this user profile, the supplier can better judge what of what not to recommend to the individual user.


    The device should be able to make a user profile on the basis of the optical discs that have been played. The user profile is constructed using the metadata the device has gathered by collecting the data from internet sites. For CD, examples of such database are or and for DVD this might be for example .

The user profile...