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Gundrilling Fixture For Manufacturing Interconnecting Wireways Between Electronics Pockets in Drill Collars Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126102D
Publication Date: 2005-Jun-30

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This invention is a tool fixture and process that enables the manufacture of interconnecting wireways via the gundrilling process. The fixture consists of a round bar that is drilled through the center. The round bar is bent and machined. The resulting part is welded to a mounting and sealing plate. The fixture is used by mounting it in an electronics pocket of a drill collar during the manufacture of the drill collar. A typical gundrilling bit is inserted into the fixture and the fixture is attached to a typical gundrilling machine. The fixture forms a hydraulic seal between the drill collar and gundrilling machine. The fixture supports the gundrill through a bend. The resulting wireway is an advantage to conventional wireways as there is no need to seal up the wireway at the OD of the drill collar with either a hatch cover or weld plug. The seal used on conventional wireways is prone to failures. The wireway manufactured as a result of using this fixture and process has no seal and is thus not prone to failure thus making our drill collars stronger and more reliable.