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Method and process for creating "Eat Smart" Quickie Business Lunches for sit-down Restaurants Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126188D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jul-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jul-06
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Lunch presents 3 needsfor the consumers. Customer want economical, fast and healthy choices. We often settle for 2 out of the three. Many customer have little time for lunch, and often settle for the fast-food trek that do not fit on the various "healthy choices". Some restaurants and fast foods are now advertising Atkins, or "healthy choices" menu items. Even so, they are prepackaged and of limited selection. Regular customers also "the usual". This suggestion combines the idea of a "reservation system", "variable pricing", and a "self-creating menu system with dietary information". Customers can pre-order and create their family lunch orders via web or online access, ahead of time. Then "self-service" kiosk systems (similar to the Airport Reservation systems), scan their profile cards at the drive-thru or line to send the order to the kitchen. The order can be send via online access or when they arrive at the restaurant for seating. IBM is already involved in point-of-sales and kiosk systems. This would expand their "on-demand" vision into the Restaurant arena allowing "quick lunch" alternatives to the "fast-food" chains

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Method and process for creating "Eat Smart" Quickie Business Lunches for sit -down Restaurants

1) Although there will be regular "default meal selections", the Restaurant Menu System will also contain various ingredients (various vegetables, meats, breads) to create your own "healthy lunch" or dinner. The menu system also contains guidelines (or suggestions) that fit their specific dietary plans (i.e. Atkins, LA Smart Diet, Sugar Busters, and any number of well-known diet philosophies). Customers can go online to create their own meal, prior to arriving at the restaurant. Menus items come complete with calorie, carb, portion size/weights, and other various counts that dieters are interested in. The Restaurant Menu System also can save your personal profiles (or family profiles) and favorite dish combinations for faster access next time. You can even reserve a "several days regiment" and pre-plan your lunch schedule.

This can be extended to large-party pre-orders for pick-up, delivery/catering or banquet/conference room reservations.

2) Reservation System which contains seating and parking charts (if reserved parking is available). Customer can go online, similar to an Air Flight reservation service to select their seating and parking for a specific time. The Smart Restaurant system will have trend data to interpolate the crowdedness of the restaurant at certain hours of certain days, and can estimate the wait time if you choose not to make a reservation.