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Method to create a dynamic, graphical org chart based on e-mail, calendar, and multiple chat lists Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126258D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jul-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jul-11
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Many times developers receive emails and sametime message from people whom they do not know. Usually, the developer looks up the sender of the email or Sametime* message to try and figure out who this person is, what area person works in and whose change of command she reside in. Currently, in sametime the user can select properties and "go to blue pages" to retrieve this information. Ideally, this functionality would also exist in the mail program and calendar entries.

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Method to create a dynamic , graphical org chart based on e -mail, calendar, and multiple chat lists

T his idea would enable a email recipient to mouse over the "from", or a special "org chart" icon, and the binary report chart appears. This would enable the recipient to retrieve the information he needs to help identify the recipient. It would allow them to see relationship between people on list and their reporting structure without have to leave the mail program and look it up on a website.

This information would either be retrieve through a special process that runs in the background when the "organizational chart" icon is selected in the email program. Or this information could be passes to the mail program as a special hidden email attachment that gets invoke when the icon is selected.

*Sametime is a registered trademark of International Machines Corporation