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Method for a network installing client to select the optimum communication channel for installation

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126260D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jul-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jul-11
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What is proposed is an option within the network install options that allow a client, that has not started the install, to query its neighboring computers that have completed installs to see if there is a better option than what has been selected.

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Method for a network installing client to select the optimum communication channel for installation

Network installations have become a very commonplace method of installing machines. With the growth of virtual systems such as those of the pSeries(*) and multiple planers such as blade servers, the density of systems needing installation has grown. Thus, network install methods have flourished. However, a problem remains that optimal network install options are not considered as part of the network install menu.

To simplify this idea, what is being proposed is a method for a client computer about to start installation to be allowed to query it's neighboring computers if they have had better install experiences. Here is an example.

There is a client machine A that has a token ring and an Ethernet** connection. As a user, one would assume that the ethernet connection would be the faster network interface to select for install because of the duplex options and the popularity of ethernet over token ring. So the operator configuring the install will:

1) select the ethernet option
2) select the gateway
3) select the server
4) set other options available to network installation

What is new is that the user can now select a new option, called "Verify Optimal Settings"

What this option does is query machines in it's subnet or ring and ask:

1)" Hello, this is client A, what machines are out there that can accept my optimal install query?" (this assumes that the other systems a...