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Method to automate the prioritization of calendar events Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126263D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jul-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jul-11
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Proposed is a method to automate the prioritization of calendar events by utilizing user configurable options and weights.

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Method to automate the prioritization of calendar events

When viewing calendar entries and attempting to resolve scheduling conflicts, it would be useful if the calendar event could be automated to perform the functions that a user mentally exercises when deciding which calendar event to accept on his calendar. These factors could include: who sent the invitation, how the recipient was invited (primary attendee, optional attendee), subject, number of people invited, etc.

Today, the calendar user would view each calendar invitation individually as it was sent to him to determine the importance of the meeting if there are conflicts with the same time slot. This can be tedious and error prone. This automated method ensures that the "highest score wins" independent of when the calendar event is sent to the calendar user. It also reduces the dependence on administrative staff to handle and correct these conflicts.

In the event that there is a tie or calendar entry does not contain enough information for the software to automate the prioritization effectively, then the calendaring software would prompt user to select which event to place on the calendar.

This idea could be extended to include automatically maintaining the attributes in the configurable list by allowing him to add and weight new attributes as calendar events are sent to him.

Example of user configurable weighting system. This calendar user has determined the which required attributes available from the calendar invitation are important to him and how he would weight them. User has determined that the following 3 factors must be weighted: who the invitation came from (chairperson), how the recipient was invited (attendee status), and the meeting subject.

Chairperson Attendee Status Subject

        Dan = 10 Primary = 10 Project XYZ = 10 Chris = 6 Optional = 5 Project ABC = 5 Sally Jo = 5 FYI = 1 Project 123 = 1 Douglas = 2 Other not in predefined list = 1 Sender not in predefined list = 1 None = 0

Below is a simple example depicting what would happen if the calendar user were invited t...