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Auto speech enhancement feature in TV set Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126289D
Publication Date: 2005-Jul-12
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Title: Auto speech enhancement feature in TV set:

Prior Art:

Speech enhancement profile are available where certain sound parameters are set in order to enhance the speech part of the sound compared to the rest of the audio spectrum.

On TV products, a user selectable profile is usually available for him to choose a more enhanced speech setting. This is however not considered as a permanent setting, as the user will only choose such a profile in certain cases. That means the user must toggle this profile each time when programmes from different source are received from time to time.


                    Often the user of a TV set has the possibility to enhance the speech part of the sound. The most likely situation is when the audio language of the source is in the native language and there is no subtitles displayed.

                    The proposed invention uses the digital standards (ATSC & DVB) to define the availability of subtitles and to determine the audio language. In addition, the following TV data are used:

·        Language option in the OSD menu selected by the user (e.g. by country; or native language);

·        Audio language selected by the user; and

·        Whether the user enabled the display of subtitles.

With the speech enhancement feature that is configured automatically based on a user setting comprising of the above mentioned conditions,  an automatic speech enhancement mechanism can be applied :

Hence, for digital channels the speech will be enhanced whe...