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Identifying Definitions to Create Quizzes for WBTs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126301D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jul-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jul-12
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A method to automatically build quizzes for Web Based Training (WBT) or other forms of Computer Based Training (CBT)

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Identifying Definitions to Create Quizzes for WBTs

Identify definitions of terms. Typically, those definitions have special formatting in WBT. For example, sometimes the term being defined is written in bold italics. Where that mechanism is absent, use Natural Language Processing (NLP). For example, definitions in English typically follow the format: <noun phrase> <to be verb in the 3rd person present (is or are)> <noun phrase>.

Once definitions are identified, the next step is to create quizzes, using a mechanism like Flash*. For example, if the course contained the following definitions:

A file is an ordered collection of bytes.

A directory is an unordered collection of files.

ASCII is a mechanism to encode text as binary data. Then the program could create the following quiz question:


A. An ordered collection of bytes.
B. A mechanism to encode text as binary data.
C. An unordered collection of files.

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