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Method to enhance the caller id with dynamic voice/image signature Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126440D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jul-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jul-18
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Described is a method to allow a caller to send a dynamically created id, in any form, text, sound, or visual, for identification, instead of having one id that is tied to the callers phone.

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Method to enhance the caller id with dynamic voice /image signature

The caller id functionality on several existing phones help to identify the callers phone number in most situations. However, the caller id does not help in many situations. The called id is tied to the callers phone, not to the caller themselves. For example, when calls are received from many businesses, the caller id will display a generic site phone number instead of the callers extension, making actually identifying the caller difficult. Also, if a caller places a call from a public phone, or a phone that is not theirs, the caller id will not identify the caller but the phone from which the call was placed. So, the current caller id functionality does not help to identify the caller. It identifies only caller's phone number.

Here are several solutions to this problem.
1. caller's voice as caller id:

    Caller speaks out his/her identity (like name), and that voice is sent as caller id to the recipient

2. caller's image as caller id:

    If the caller phone has a camera, then an image is captured after dialing the number, and the image is sent as the caller id to the recipient.

The voice id and/or the image id are dynamically generated, which is the key of this invention.

Several details can be left to implementation. However, some of the details are covered for better understanding the solution.

Voice caller id implementation:

caller phone service provider call receiver

Caller dials the number ------>

    If the call receiver has voice caller id feature enabled, get the voice caller id. <------ "Please say your name"

Caller says the name (Example)
"Joe" ------>