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Browser "Reader Friendly" view Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126450D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jul-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jul-18
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When viewing a document on-line , allow a "Reader Friendly" selection option that will immediately remove and then display a version of the document without any unnecessary "signature lines" and any unwanted codes that are not needed by most target audiences.

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Browser "Reader Friendly" view

Disclosed is a method to allow an on-line document presented in a browser, to be viewed with a "reader friendly" version.

     Problem and Background: Many Problem Technical data bases contains Tens of Thousands of "Problem Reports" from customers around the world. The "Problem Reports" are the on-line communication dialog between many internal teams, mostly service personnel and their customers. Imbedded in many of these "Problem Reports" are "Signature lines" that contain information used for tracking, monitoring, logging, and creating detailed post mortem reports. Today the "Problem Reports" are read by many different target audiences including customers, customer advocate teams, managers, post analysis teams and critical situation teams. All of the above teams would benefit from a "problem Report" that is "Reader Friendly" and does not have "signature lines" or any information in the report that is unnecessary. The "signature lines" in many of these reports have the following adverse effect when reading the report:

Make the Reports difficult to read

Make the Reports costly and time consuming to print Make the reports difficult to copy and send as part of a note or message to others.

     Currently there are multiple data base viewing type systems available that would benefit from an ON DEMAND "Reader Friendly" report option.


When viewing a "Problem Report" on-line, allow an ON DEMAND "Reader Friendly" option that will remove "si...