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Method to auto paste cut buffer while picking application icon Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126467D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jul-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jul-19
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Method to auto paste cut buffer while picking application icon.

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Method to auto paste cut buffer while picking application icon

It is common for users to transfer text from one source application to another target application utilizing the computer desktop system's copy and paste function. If the target application is not active or open, the user must first start the target application before pasting text. In a desktop system environment, this usually involves selecting the application icon. This idea discusses the merit of enabling the desktop user to apply the contents of the copy/paste buffer to the target application without activating it first.

When the target application was started, it would read the text stored in the copy/paste buffer using standard input and apply it in the appropriate manner. The computer desktop system would recognize that a paste operation applied to an application's icon requires that the application be started with the paste buffer applied to the target application's standard input.

For example, when selecting text to search on the Internet, the user would cut the URL text from a text file. The user would then paste the URL text onto a web browser icon. The desktop system would then initiate a web browser session, passing the pasted URL text into standard input. The web browser would read the standard input and initiate presenting the pasted URL instead of the user's standard home URL. Another example would be a word processor. In this situation, the word processor would bring up a new file and...