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(RSS) Paper Savings via modifying output when ascenders / descenders do not exist

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Original Publication Date: 2005-Jul-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jul-20
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Achieving Paper Savings in Continuous Roll Printers

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(RSS) Paper Savings via modifying output when ascenders / descenders do not exist

     Many transaction printers (such as the IBM 4610 thermal printer) print using a roll of paper that is cut when the printing is complete, so each final document uses an amount of paper which is directly related to the output.

     Each line of text printed uses an amount of paper equal to the font height (including ascenders and descenders) plus interline spacing.

     In many applications, ascenders and descenders are not present, or are only present in certain areas of output. Because the output may infrequently use ascenders and decenders, it may be "trimmed" by removing blank dot rows from the top and bottom of the print line, yet leaving the fixed interline spacing intact. The result is a variable height text line using a minimal height (perhaps plus a single dot row or two for aesthetics, but not necessary) plus the uniform fixed interline spacing.

     Note that this idea may be applied even to systems which do not support ascenders and descenders, as in some cases, printed output on this type of printer still may not reach the top extreme of the print line.