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Validation system of correct data for software test Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126674D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jul-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jul-28
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Disclosed is a method for validating correct data used for software test. Software test consists of two steps: 1) Performing scenarios to get result data, 2) Comparing the result data with prepared correct data. Since the result data varies depending on environment on which programs run, changes of environment makes the correct data obsolete. This invention defines metadata to validate compliance of the correct data with test environment. People who are in charge of test can detect inconsistencies in the correct data, and adjust them.

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Validation system of correct data for software test

Assume following result data. <p id="result">OK</p> <p id="url"></p> <p id="refNo">123456</p>

Correct data can be defined by using <target> elements which specify the data to be checked using XPath, and <correct> elements which specify proper values. <eqChecck id="resultChk"> <target path="//p[@id='result']" />

<correct date="20041225">OK</correct> </eqCheck>

<eqChecck id="urlChk">

<target path="//p[@id='url']" />

<correct date="20041225"> </correct> </eqCheck>

<eqChecck id="refNoChk">

<target path="//p[@id='refNo']" />

<correct date="20041225"> 123456</correct> </eqCheck>

Following is an example of metadata which validate the correct data. <rule target="//eqCheck[@id='resultChk']/correct"> <scope>Fix</scope> <!-- show that correct value is always valid --> </rule >

<rule target="//eqCheck[@id='urlChk']/correct">

<scope>EnvDepend</scope> <!-- show that correct value depends on environment --> </rule>

<rule target="//eqCheck[@id='refNoChk']/correct">

<scope>Dynamic</scope> <!-- show that correct value varies at execution time -->


<result file="testcase001.xml" />

<target path="//p[@id='refNo']" />

</depned> </rule >

For example, when " EnvDepend " is denoted in <scope>element, this invention checks date attribute value of corresponding correct data (in this case date="20041225"), and outputs warnings if present date is later than the date.