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USF NT Systems APAR Applying Script Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126680D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jul-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jul-28
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A Script to determine and log software versions and install and log Microsoft Security Hotfixes accordingly. The script will determine which hotfixes are needed through a .txt file (which can be edited to your preferences) and install hotfixes applying to the software versions with only 1 reboot required after all hotfixes are installed.

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USF NT Systems APAR Applying Script

Disclosed is a 1 click solution to upgrading Windows Operating Systems with the latest or missing APAR patches required. This script was created to patch Universal Server Farm (USF) Servers that do not have internet access or access to a networked computer that could automatically install missing APAR patches. The known solutions to this problem are Microsofts Windows update which cannot run on our systems because of lack of Internet Access or downloading and applying each patch seperately with a reboot after each patch. My solution would require you to download the patches that you need to your local system and it will combine them into 1 install that will need to be copied to the Internet lacking Systems and will only need 1 reboot when applied saving installation and customer downtime. Eventually this script will be used in an Internet based creation process to make updating the script easier for Systems Administrators. The Web site will create the desired script and you will need to download the script to your local machine then copy the script to the servers lacking Internet Connectivity.

The script will gather software versions of MDAC, DirectX, MSXML, Internet Explorer, IIS, and Front Page Extensions for version specific patches and create and compare logs from the previous run (if any) to prompt you if versions have changed. It will then install the correct patches for the correct versions of all of these programs as we...