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Dow Corning® Silicone Elastomer Blends made with Non-Silicone Solvents and Their Applications in Formulations Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126769D
Publication Date: 2005-Jul-30

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The use of silicone elastomer blends in personal care formulations has increased steadily since these blends were first introduced in the 1990's. A silicone elastomer blend consists of a crosslinked silicone polymer (elastomer) that is blended with a solvent that is sufficiently compatible with the silicone elastomer that the solvent swells the silicone elastomer. Such an elastomer/solvent blend has the form of swollen elastomer particles where the solvent is entrapped within the elastomer matrix. These swollen gel particles have a very desirable skin feel as well as other benefits on the formulation such as rheology modification (thickening). We have found that when silicone elastomer blends are made with non-silicone solvents, these blends have better performance and esthetics when these elastomer blends are used in formulations with oil-soluble active ingredients such as sunscreen oils, natural lipids, and oil-soluble vitamins and vitamin derivatives.