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Universal Library Cell for Jaguar and LTO Tape Cartridges Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126800D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-02
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Disclosed is a design of a Universal Cell capable of storing both the LTO and IBM 3592 tape cartridges within an automated tape library. The Universal Cell can accept both cartridge types without any external alterations to the cell.

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Universal Library Cell for Jaguar and LTO Tape Cartridges

The architecture of high end automated storage libraries is such that these libraries support multiple types of cartridge media within a single library. This presents a problem of how to hold these different cartridge types of varying size in the storage slots, or cells, of the library. Many libraries such as the IBM 3584 library have different cells for the different cartridge types, e.g. IBM 3592 tape cartridges and LTO cartridges. See Fig. 1 for dimensional differences of these cartridge types. This allows for the different cartridge types to exist within the same library, but each cartridge type is only able to be placed in its own type of cell. When these cells are placed into a frame module, that frame module becomes only available for that cartridge type and a different module is needed for a different cartridge type. This limits customer flexibility in a mixed media environment and hinders the customer when trying to migrate media technology because they must balance their library storage space and their media cartridge types. What is needed is a Universal Cell that can handle multiple cartridge types of varying size without modifications that limit or change the cell to accepting only one type of cartridge.

Another important aspect of cell designs for automated libraries is cartridge retention. The cell must prevent the cartridge from moving out of the cell through vibration or other means during normal library operation. Other attempts at universal cells have cartridge retention that is provided by a lip on the bottom of the cell to hold the bottom, front edge of the cartridge into the cell until the robotic picker grabs the cartridge and lifts it up over the lip for removal. This works for the LTO cartridge but will not work for the 3592 tape cartridge because of the angled surface on bottom leading edge of this cartridge. See Fig. 1 containing 3592 tape cartridge with the angled surface. A Universal Cell must be able to provide cartridge retention for the LTO and 3592 tape cartridges.

3592 Tape Cartridge

LTO Cartridge

102 mm

105.4 mm

22 mm

25.1 mm

109 mm

Angled Surface

Figure 1. Isometric View of Both Cartridge Types with Dimensions

The Universal Cell for the LTO and 3592 tape cartridges consists of a fixed cell with a movable spring loaded latch and spring mechanism as seen in Fig. 2. The latch and spring mechanism uses a low force leaf spring that serves two purposes: 1) To push the cartridge inside the cell against the opposite wall and 2) To spring load the latch. In order for the cartridge to be correctly positioned for a robotic picker to grab the cartr...