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Barcord Scanner Setting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126805D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-02
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Barcord Scanner Setting

Disclosed is a method for changing a barcode scanner setting by pushing a button on a working barcode scanner.

The current Barcode Scanner is used with one reading configuration setting selected from various settings internally incorporated. Usually this setting defines readable Label types, the number of retry for misidentification, and scanning method of EAN/UPC add-on label. In almost all customer environments, one reading configuration setting has enough reading speed and capability. However, recent barcode regulation introduced some new codes (Add-on code etc) and some industry requires new type of scanner that can cope with both existing and new labels. Technically it is impossible to cover all labels with high success rate of the first scanning and performance. So the following method for easily changing the reading configuration settings is designed and incorporated utilizing existing hardware.

An operator can change barcode scanner setting by pushing button on working scanner . The button position are shown in Fig.1 for Handy Barcode Scanner and in Fig.2 for Fixed Barcode Scanner. For instance, a primary setting is for reading EAN/JAN/UPC 13 and 8 digits, EAN/JAN-13 digits two label and EAN/JAN-13 digits with add-on 5digits. And secondary setting is for reading EAN/JAN/UPC 13 digits and 8 digits only. Then, the primary setting is usable for reading three type barcode labels but its performance is less than the secondary setting.