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GPRS ROAMING INFO Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126823D
Publication Date: 2005-Aug-12
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GPRS roaming info database using actual roaming experience The GPRS, EDGE, CDMA and / or 1XRTT (packet) roaming capability depends on a variety of factors. Furthermore, users are often surprised by the lack of roaming coverage when traveling. Voice roaming is currently common and easily established, but packet roaming is still problematic for users. The existence of voice roaming does not imply the existence of packet roaming, further compounding the problem for the user traveling to new areas. This invention provides helpful information that can be utilized to track roaming, based on all users, and not just the user of a specific individual device. It assists device manufacturers, enterprises, and end users with actual roaming information, which helps them to identify roaming problems and capabilities on a global basis. The proposed solution utilitizes information which is captured by the central packet redirection server that redirects packet data across a wireless network operator. This information will allow the device manufacturer, enterprise, or end user to quickly determine which operator’s subscribers have successfully roamed in specific Public Land Mobile Networks. This allows a traveling user to know which operator’s subscriptions will enable (packet) roaming in the specific regions and countries that will be visited. Additional information may be added to the database, based on announced services of the operators. Differentiation between the various levels of a particular technology family may be identified.

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AUTOMATIC POPUPS ON HANDHELD COMMUNICATION DEVICES Innovative use of popups to automatically display context sensitive information in a display-area constrained mobile environment

Disclosed Anonymously

    Mobile devices typically have limited display size and can't dedicate screen space to seldom used information. The immediate problem to be solved by this invention is how to show the transmission times of each message in an IM conversation.

    The message transmission times are usually not displayed. If the user rolls the cursor up into the message area and stops rolling the trackwheel for a second or so, a tiny popup window will show the transmission time in a small area above the message itself. The message will automatically disappear after three seconds and will be dismissed if the user rolls the trackwheel or clicks a key.

    To date, there are no other similar solutions on mobile devices. This solution is obviously similar to MS Windows menu tips feature. It differs in that menu tips are solely used for help and explanation of what geographical items are for. This solution can be used to display extra information about whatever item is under the cursor on the current screen.