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Open Tooling Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126835D
Publication Date: 2005-Aug-02
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The invention is to cut away the back half of the tooling main pipe on a two-part fill vertical form fill and seal machine to allow large food particles to fall through. The main fill pipe on a given set of standard tooling is modified by removing the back half starting just below the shoulder that accepts the product funnel (see drawings). The spreader fingers that mount on the bottom of the pipe are also modified in a similar manner to prevent any obstacles for falling particulates. Conventional vertical systems, including the liquid only systems, have fully formed main pipe assemblies. Previously, if the particulates being dropped through the tooling could be oriented in any manner that would allow the particulate to be wider than the pipe, there was a potential for lodging or bridging in the pipe. This requires an operator to stop the line and clear the jam. It also often leads to scrap and rework because of incomplete packages or damaged product. In some markets, the pouch cost is a considerable fraction of the total cost of the product. Opening the back of the tooling gives more space and eliminates the restriction of a rigid surface. This allows a food particulate which may have traditionally become lodged in the main pipe to pass. Large particulates that would normally be rejected for this type of equipment can now effectively be packaged in this format.

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