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Method to create a pulldown function tab in saved documents. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126862D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-03
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What is proposed is for the ability for the user to create dynamic "floating" tabs that can be "pasted" onto any portion of the document. These pulldown function tabs can be saved into the document and will be found at the designated portion of the document the next time the document is opened.

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Method to create a pulldown function tab in saved documents .

Many times one uses certain functions over and over, depending on the document and the subject matter within portions of that document. An example would be a large word processing document in which the middle portion of the document contains intensive graphics, but the remaining portions of the document are text-only.

For the non-graphical portion of the document, one might be using text coloring and font morphing functions (such as BOLD and Italics) very often. For the graphical portion of the document, one might be using the string and size manipulation functions. In both cases, one must go "up" to the pulldown menu repeatedly in order to access and use the functions required.

The genesis for this idea is the basic "Post-It"* note that programmers have coded into some application programs. Users can leave themselves dynamically created notes to the side of a section of document and this is not printed out when the Print function is chosen. It logically resides "above" a document, much like a physical Post-It note. When the document is closed and re-opened, these notes to one's self are found at the location where they were last left.

Much like the electronic Post-It, this idea would allow users to build on-the-fly customizable pulldown menus that can be "posted" at any location in the document. There are already programs that allow users to detach pulldown menus and move them around the document. How...