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System and Method For More Economical Printing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126863D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-03
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Describe herein is a method that allows mixed content documents (color and monochrome content) to be printed more economically and potentially faster than is done today. There are typically two types of printers, monochrome (greyscale) printers and color printers. Large multi-page documents often contain a mixture of greyscale and color content. Frequently the graphic content of a document is rendered in color while the text is mainly black but may contain color as well. A problem exists when a user desires to print a document that contains text and color content. The problem is that in order to print the color content the entire document is printed on a color printer. Printing the entire document on a color printer is not as economical and fast as printing the document on a greyscale printer given the cost of the color consumables. Printing an entire document on a greyscale printer is faster and more economical but defeats the purpose of using color in a document.

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System and Method For More Economical Printing

A printer driver is designed whereby the driver will, for a given document, send pages containing greyscale print to a greyscale printer and send the document's pages containing color content to a color printer. The printer driver will process a print job and separate out pages containing color from the remainder of the print job. The pages containing color content are then rendered for the selected color printer while the remaining portion of the print job is rendered for the greyscale printer. The separated print job is then queued on the respective printers for printing or written to a file(s) for printing later. The two print jobs can then be combined to create the finished document. The printer driver will allow the user to set thresholds to determine when a page should be sent to the color printer based on the amount of color content of the page relative to the non-color portion. For duplex printing, pages sent to the color printer will also print greyscale content which resides on the other side of the page.

To perform the same function manually the user would have to perform the following steps:

Find the first page in the document containing content to be printed in color.









Note: If the above manual process involves duplex printing, a color page that would normally be printed as an even numbered page may be printed as an odd numbered page (duplexing is out of order). This invention does...