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MP3 Player Cellphone Ring Tones Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126864D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-03
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Automobiles with bluetooth enabled cellphone capability is becoming a standard feature on luxury vehicles and is likely to "trickle down to most vehicles in the future. In these vehicles a phone can be answered and operated hands free using controls located in the vehicle. Conversation takes place via a vehicle resident microphone and the vehicle's audio speakers. Described here is a method to allow an almost unlimited selection of external ring tones to be played when the bluetooth enabled phone rings in the vehicle.

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MP3 Player Cellphone Ring Tones

Car manufacturers are providing an interface for MP3 players to be connected to and controlled via the cars audio system. A bluetooth enabled cellphone will be enhanced with the capability to allow a user to program a selection (ring tone) on an MP3 player to be played when the phone is present in the car and an incoming call is detected. When the phone rings, the cellphone will transmit a command via bluetooth technology to the vehicles bluetooth receiving logic instructing it as to the MP3 selection to be played using the MP3 device.

The bluetooth logic of the vehicle will receive the command from the cellphone instructing it as to the MP3 file to be played. Commands are then sent via the car's MP3 player interface, instructing the device to select and play the desired MP3 ring tone file. The ring tone will be played until the phone is answered, at which time the phone will instruct the audio system to cease playing the ring tone. The bluetooth enabled phone can use caller - ID to select different ring tones to be played based on the caller. The user can also add a voice message to the MP3 ring tone file to announce the caller using caller - ID. The method described here will also make it possible for some car manufacturer's MP3 player interface to show the name of the caller on a dashboard display that normally displays the MP3 info (artist, song title etc). This is done by simply naming either the MP3 file or the artist info fo...