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Ergonomics improvement on LCD for Notebook computers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126900D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-09
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An improvement to LCD design of notebook computers. A better design in human-engineering for drawable and rotatable LCD brace of notebook computers. By this design, LCD of notebook can be adjusted into more comfortable positions for the users with long time usage.

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CN820050046 Kang Hua Wang/China/IBM

Yan Bin Gao

Ergonomics improvement on LCD for Notebook computers

When using notebook computers, people have to direct their eyes and neck lower to focus on the LCD of the notebook. This causes neck ache and even headache . The LCD of notebook is too low and not in a reasonable height . But adjusting the chair or use braces for notebook, people's arms will be in a more uncomfortable position . Fixed relative position of keyboard and LCD causes uncomfortable when people are working on notebook .

However, if the LCD can be pulled out and move up and down, users can adjust the height of the LCD to the same height their eyes . Thus they'll be free from neck ache, and will not be busy transferring data back and forth just for viewing documents in an easier attitude.

It'll be much better to find out a method to make the LCD of the notebook computer drawable up and down and rotatable to allow user to adjust the LCD to a comfortable height and angle. It does not only help the neck, but also take the LCD away from very near the users' eyes to a healthy distance from them .

People using notebook will benefit from this invention to take care of their health .

The idea is simple. For LCD placement, there are 2 issues:
[1] How to make the LCD drawable and rotatable?
[2] How to keep the LCD connected with the computer?

For the first question, in this invention an additional "U" brace is made at the left and right side of the LCD. The LCD will become apart from the computer and jointed on the brace only. Orbits will be used to emplace the LCD on the braces.

     Figure 1: Make the LCD drawable (This is only the major part of the structure . There should be additional supporting structures in real products . To strength the "U" brace and keep it from being skewed, "X" braces can be added or use braces in other shapes to make the LCD more stable.)


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Figure 2: LCD pulled out

      After pulling the LCD to a higher position, users can still rotate the LCD to a right angle to give them a better view...