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Real TimeTraffic Passing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126971D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-16
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Bidirectional data passage from device to device in a peer to peer network allowing information to be pass by determining car’s direction (by direction, gps, etc.) and sharing travel information and conditions. Information can be shared from trusted sources and untrusted sources.

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Real TimeTraffic Passing

    The concept is to transmit your vehicle data (figure 1) with directional data, such as speed bearing, duration and average speed over a distance, with a real time identifier. This information then would be transmitted to all other vehicles and trusted data points (to and from) such as DOT, police, etc..., which would then take that information and determine if the data is pertinent to their trip and transmit that information back out and could use a UTS (universal time stamp) this way each can detmine if the data is still vaild or stale. This will help insure that stale data is not retransmitted and that other cars/devices that may be out of rage and acquire this data (figure 2 and 3). Device could send messages to request data, to get in sync to all data that device has.

    Other useage could be on a bright and sunny day when you can not see the redlight or a stop sign, the user can be notified by the device so you know. You could in real time get status of redlights for example to know when it is safe to go. This would also help in acident determination as the data would be downloaded to each device.


X miles

Figure 1


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Input Queue

Data Received




Data Controller



Device TID:ZXY Travel Data: (Speed, direction, Avg/D)

Device TID:ZXY Travel Data:

(Speed, direction, Avg/D)

Device TID:ZXY Travel Data:

 Add to Data Pool

  New Data Point/ Reques...