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Remote Boot to Setup Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126977D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-16
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Frequently during the course of computer operations a user desires to reboot and enter the BIOS Setup screen. This requires the user to press the key during a specific window in the boot process. Many solutions exist to reboot a server remotely, view the terminal output during the boot process, and even to manually pass keystrokes to the remote system during the boot process. Currently though there is no way to indicate the intent to enter Setup at the time of the reboot. This means that if the user gets distracted during the boot process, he or she may miss the window in which the key must be pressed and as such have to reboot the server again and wait for the boot process to reach the appropriate phase. This invention proposes a method for the user to indicate that he or she wishes to reboot AND enter BIOS Setup. This eliminates the need to be attentive during boot and allows the user to perform other tasks without worrying about missing the window and having to reboot again.

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Remote Boot to Setup

     This publication proposes a way to remotely reboot a server and automatically enter into BIOS Setup without further interaction from the user. Today it is possible to reboot a server remotely and to watch and interact with the remote system during the boot process. Any of the existing methods will allow a user to reboot and to pass the appropriate keystrokes to enter BIOS Setup during the reboot. However there are two shortcomings in these solutions. First, since a function key is used to enter Setup the keystrokes must be entered into the client via an escape sequence or the client must provide a special feature to "Send <F1> to Remote System" either of these methods can be cumbersome to the user. Second and more significant is the fact that the keystrokes must be passed during a specific window in the boot process. If the user misses this window the remote system must be rebooted and the user must wait again for the window during which to enter the appropriate keystrokes. With the proposed method the user will simply issue a "Reboot and Enter Setup" type of command and the entity receiving that command will reboot the server, wait for the appropriate timing window, and automatically indicate to the remote system that it should enter BIOS Setup.

There are several methods for implementing this feature:

Using the RSA II (or similar) adapter: The RSA II currently emulates a USB

keyboard to provide remote video capabilities. The RSA II could offer the above mentioned "Reboot and Enter Setup" command via any of its command interfaces and then upon receiving the command reboot the server (an already existing capability) and emulate an <F1> keypress during the ensuing boot process. BIOS communicates various stages of the boot process to the RSA II which will allow the RSA II to know when to issue the keystroke. It should be repeated here that the RSA II was used specifically for this example but the case actually extends to any adapter with s...