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(RSS) Compiling the Information Stored in the Self Checkout Security Database to Sell as a Product

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126999D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-17
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Disclosed is a system that uses the existing self checkout systems to create a standard product security database that would then be sold to retailers. The security database would be self updating. By combining the data from many stores, retailers, and manufacturers, the number of Not on File errors would be reduced significantly.

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(RSS) Compiling the Information Stored in the Self Checkout Security Database to Sell as a Product

    Many retailers are reluctant to implement shopping cart companion solutions because of the fear of customers not scanning everything that goes into the cart. Some retailers have implemented procedures to audit purchases at random intervals and are happy with that. Other retailers do not feel that this is a good public relations move as it may offend the customers that are audited. To reduce the number of audits, some retailers have implemented a system where the weight of the items scanned by the customer is compared to the weight of the shopping cart. If the weights match within a specific margin of error, then no audit is performed. The problem with this scheme is that the weight of every item on the shelf must be known before it can be sold without doing an audit. This negates some of the labor savings achieved by the shopping cart companion as now a new database needs to be maintained by store personnel. Some systems use the information from the security database in their self checkout units to get the weight information. The problem is that this only works as long as the item was sold on a self checkout unit before it is sold on a shopping cart companion. Also not all stores have self checkout solutions that include a security database. A solution provider can use the self checkout security databases of many stores and even many retailers as its main source of...