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CRP replenishment protocol for PUFs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127000D
Publication Date: 2005-Aug-17
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Title: CRP replenishment protocol for PUFs

Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) are used for security purposes, such as authentication using challenge-response pairs. The owner of a PUF may authenticate himself by producing the correct responses to challenges. From time to time, the database of responses has to be replenished. An attack scenario is possible where the PUF output is replaced by fake data during the replenishment protocol, for example by replacing the PUF between the authentication step and the generation of the new CRP's. This attack is countered by re-using old Challenge-Response Pairs (CRPs), known to the verifier, at random times during the replenishment protocol. This increases the robustness and reliability of the replenishment protocol.