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System and method to enable on-demand media acquisition from media providers via media rendering devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127006D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-17
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Presented is an invention to faciliate horizontal, pervasive on demand purchasing, delivery and consumption of digital media.

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System and method to enable on-demand media acquisition from media providers via media rendering devices


The consumption of digital media and the usage of media rendering devices (e.g., MP3 players render MP3 media) continues to become more popular and pervasive. Media procurement systems have not kept pace. Existing solutions generally include traditional delivery of hard-copy formats (e.g., compact discs, digital video discs, etc.) and vertical electronic delivery solutions (e.g., Apple iTunes, Napster).

This solution is a novel and superior system and method that allows for media procurement to be horizontal, pervasive and initiated on-demand by media consumers using existing media rendering-devices and existing media delivery networks. Existing solutions require that users access specific, vertical systems to find and purchase media. The solution simplifies finding and purchasing media as it will be driven by normal interactions with media rendering devices.

Components provided by the system are communications capabilities outside of the invention. These capabilities may take on many implementation formats, with an obvious standard being web services. First, the system provides for said acquisition to be initiated by consumer interaction with media rendering devices through device/system interoperability. Second, the system provides for said media to be obtained from external media providers. Third, the system provides for said obtained media to be delivered to the requesting consumer.

Components provided by the method include the necessary logic to drive the on demand transaction: consumer-specific profiles. Consumers must specify preferences to the system such as format, quality, price thresholds, security parameters (devices and users allowed) and potentially others. Consumers must specify settings such as billing information, delivery information...