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Method to Automatically Restore a Computer Environment in Public Places Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127250D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-18
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There are many computers in public places today (libraries, malls, etc.). With many different users of a single computer, over time the computer can run slowly due to fragmentation or low disk space or it can become corrupted either unintentionally or because of malicious users. Some systems and operating system today attempt to solve this problem by implementing a system restore function that will restore the system to a previous known good point. However, this function is either not completely automatic or is not done at optimal times.

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Method to Automatically Restore a Computer Environment in Public Places

    The environment mat is an air filled bladder made of either thick rubber or a flexible, abrasion resistant plastic. A pressure switch is affixed the to the air filled bladder. If pressure is applied to the environment mat when a user is standing on it, the pressure switch closes. The pressure switch is connected to a simple circuit that allows the closure of the switch to be converted to another peripheral bus type that can trigger interrupts on the computer. For example, the environment mat could be connected to the computer through a USB port. With a USB port, an interrupt is generated when a USB device is added or removed.

    Shown below is a diagram of the invention followed by a description of how it works.


    1. When nobody is using the computer, there is no pressure on the environment mat and the computer is in an initialized state (booted to the operating system desktop and sitting idle).

    2. Once a user stands on the mat, the pressure switch closes and the computer senses this as a USB device being added to the computer. This arms the


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system restore program on the computer. Note, the pressure that the switch closes can be adjusted so that objects that are too light do not trigger the switch (e.g -a chair sitting on the mat).

    3. Once a user is done using the computer, they step off the environment mat. The comput...