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Method and system for approximate DNS lookup Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127261D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-19
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This publication relates to technique for approximate lookup for the internet domain name system.

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Method and system for approximate DNS lookup

The Domain Name System or DNS is a system that stores information about hostnames and domain names in networks, such as the Internet. While computers and network hardware work with IP addresses to perform tasks such as addressing and routing, humans generally find it easier to work with hostnames and domain names in URLs and e-mail addresses. The DNS therefore mediates between the needs and preferences of humans and of software.

    Currently mistakes made by humans while providing hostnames result in DNS error message. We propose to perform additional approximate lookup in DNS records in cases where DNS error occurred. Therefore instead of conventional DNS error message, a user can get a "do you mean" suggestion similar to search engines or a conventional spelling aid.

    The additional approximate lookup in DNS records is described as a supplementary technique to conventional DNS lookup process.

    In case of DNS error (i.e. there is no exact match for the entered hostname) an additional approximate lookup step against DNS records can be performed.

    In practice when any application (such as a web browser), wants to find the IP address of a misspelled domain name, instead of standard DNS error the user can be presented with a set of suggested approximate domain names which do exist.

    The advantage of using such a technique is that the user gets an experience similar to search "do you mean" or regular spell aid suggestion functionality for internet dom...