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A method sending a notification on disk drive failure

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Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-19
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A method to make the local management application possible to sent a notification to the remote management application when the hard drive of the local system dies.

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A method sending a notification on disk drive failure

    Linux system and loaded applications can continue running when the disk drives on the system fails. When this condition happens, the system with the disk drive failure can be seen still as operational from the remote management application because the software components which respond to the alive check are working. The software component is usually on the memory because it's accessed frequently and can work without the disk drive access.

    The component which monitors the disk drive status detects the disk drive failure and tries to send a notification to the remote management application but it fails sending it because the components used to send the notification are not on the memory. This happens because the components which are necessary to send the notification are not accessed frequently so they are not loaded on the memory.

    The following steps make the management application to send a notification when the hard drive dies.
1. Allocate ram disks
2. Copy the directories which have the necessary files for the management function to the ram disks
3. Mount the ram disks to the same directories as the original directories before it starts.

    This method makes the components which are not used frequently available without disk drive access when the disk drive failure happens and the management application can send the notification to the remote management application.

Figure 1. Current implementation


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