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Cable Bending Radius Control Tool and Process Disclosure Number: IPCOM000127277D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-19
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A Cable BendingTool

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Cable Bending Radius Control Tool and Process

     This invention is an ergonomic tool and a process which allows an operator to properly and consistently cable products. The tool is a flat disk shaped object (materials can vary) with a series of cylinders, collapsed into itself Each cylinder is a specific diameter with finger wells at each cylinder which can be raised to allow an operator to consistently wrap and tie the cable. The operator will select the diameter,the selected diameter will raise out from the flat surface. The operator will then coil the cable around the cylinder to the specific radius. Once the operator has completed the wrap, the operator will then have the means to secure the loop by using a fastener, (ie velcro, tape, twistee, etc,) by using the finger wells that have been designed into the part(see below).

Figure 1 - Illustrates all diameters recessed.

Figure 2 - Illustrates all diameters raised.


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Figure 3 - Illustrates the wrapping of the cable and the insertion of the tie.

Figure 4 - Illustrates the tied cable.


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